Différence between stripe split pay and stripe Connect

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      Hello. What difference bewtween the stripe split gateway and stripe connect?
      We need to configure the withdraw in 2 cases? Or just on the stripe Connect use


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      Thanks for getting in touch with us!
      Please go through this documentation- https://docs.wclovers.com/vendor-payment/ to learn about those two. In short, when a customer make a payment, the amount goes to admin and then later vendor commission is transferred. But, with split pay vendor get their commission instantly. Here the money is not get routed through admin.

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      Dear Sushobhan,

      You need to use the correct definition of what the vendor get. The vendor gets a settlement. Otherwise you will confuse people.
      Take for instance Amazon, they take a commission of sales and settles the balance with you called the settlement amount.

      The word commission isn’t used in this manner in the English language.

      The sale is the money for their goods, of which we take a part/commission.

      I have seen support repeatedly use the word in this way, and it will just continue to confuse people. The same way you could say that water is wet, but that is a given, so you don’t say it like that in English. So goes the usage of the word commission. A waitress takes a commission for each sale, a realtor takes a commission of each sale, a stock broker takes a commission of each trade, etc, etc.

      Kind regards,

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      Thanks for explaining this to me. I’ll keep that in mind.

      If you think your vendors will gets confused with some of the terms, you can use plugin like Loco Translate and change those texts as per your need.

      Lastly, did you get the difference between the two methods? Looking forward to helping you.

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      I am saying that us the users are being confused by it. You are using the phrase incorrectly. I have seem multiple post here trying to explain this to your team, but also others who were confused by the menu. You really need to change this wording.

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      I can understand your part. We would definitely give more focus to our wording, not in just menu but everywhere.
      Though different geographical location made it impossible to use terms that is 100% correct for everyone. Also, different marketplace niche expects different terminology for similar concepts.
      I’ sorry as I couldn’t provide you a complete resolution on this issue.
      Thank You!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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