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Different taxes for different groups

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    I’m considering getting the Groups & Staffs plugin, but I have a question about it before I do so.

    On my marketplace, There will be basically three groups of vendors:

    1- Individuals selling handcrafted products. Not registered for VAT (or equivalent) since they don’t make enough money for that.
    2- Small businesses not registered for VAT. Actual companies that are too small to pay taxes on the products they sell.
    3- Businesses big enough to pay taxes, and therefore registered for VAT.

    With this plugin, would it be possible to make the products sold by 1 & 2 not applicable for tax? By this I mean that, on the cart or the checkout, VAT would not be calculated at all and it would not be charged.

    The opposite thing goes for the group 3. Products sold by those vendors would be paying taxes normally. This tax would go to my account at first, and then I would transfer it to them when they requested a withdrawal so they can pay their taxes on their own.

    Is this something possible?


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    WCfM Forum


    I’m considering getting the Groups & Staffs plugin

    – Well, hope you are using WCFM Membership and have different plans, right?

    So, you already have option to setup different commission rule for different membership plans.

    Now, you may decided which membership users will receive product tax and which not!

    Product wise tax can be manipulated, but it will be good to keep same Tax rule for all products, otherwise customers will be confused.

    Thank You

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    Now, you may decided which membership users will receive product tax and which not!

    Can you tell me how to do that?

    I only find the option in the Membership General Options.
    What do I have to do so that I can say Group 1 pays tax, Group 2 pays none.

    Thank you!!

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    WCfM Forum


    Each membership commission setting has this option – https://ibb.co/YtSmyCp

    Thank You

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    First of all thanks for your answer! – But is that what i need?

    If I understand correctly, then this attitude is about whether the “fees” are more expensive.

    my question was about another topic (https://wclovers.com/forums/topic/product-with-and-without-tax-19-ustg/)
    Here you have also answered me, but this must be set individually for each article, whether this taxed or not. But that’s not what I need, too.
    in principle, yes – but this attitude must then make each seller himself.

    I would like to solve this through membership!
    In Germany, a distinction is made whether someone is selling commercially, or whether you have a “small business license” ($ 19 Ustg.).
    I hope you understand what i mean.

    My Idea:
    All products, from members in membership-group 1, have taxes.
    If a member in Group 2, these products have no taxes.

    I hope that somehow you can solve it.
    Best regards!

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    I also need this solution.

    An idea would have been if we could set the tax rate for each group. The choice could have been Gobal (what the standard tax rate system has) or specify how many percent tax this group collects.

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