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Direct Payment to Vendor

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    First I need to say what a plugin you have devloped it great.

    My question is, on payment can the payment be a direct payment to the vendor and the commision be added to there account and then the vendor be billed at the end of each month for the commision.

    Example would be as follows

    Vendor sets up a account on the website and pays the membership fee each month.
    Vendor sells item and payment is sent direct to vendor’s paypal account.
    Vendor has commision from the sale added to there account on system.
    admin then sends invoice for payment of commision at end of month or every ywo weeks.

    This would save a lot of time for the admins and vendors as they do not have to request withdrawals and admin does not have to sort anything out other then sending a invoice to the vendor each month.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    And keep up the good work.

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    Thanks for get in touch with us.

    Vendor sells item and payment is sent direct to vendor’s paypal account.
    – This is not possible right now due to PayPal’s API limitation. PayPal previously has Adaptive API but that is now deprecated. PayPal will bring Marketplace API, but that is now in Beta release. So we are very limited here.

    Stripe Split pay option is available for such purpose.

    Thank You

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    Thanks for the reply

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