Disabling shop vendor not removing products from shop

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      AvatarJamie O’Reilly


      We have disabled a shop vendor but we found that their products were still visible and even a purchase was made. We’ve now deleted the product as well in order to prevent any more such problems. Please could you advise?


    • #90833
      WCFM ForumWCFM Forum


      Well, when a vendor’s store disabled it’s product become “archived”.

      As Admin you may see those, but as other user it’s not visible.

      Thank You

    • #105180
      AvatarJamie O’Reilly

      We have deleted the products but her membership is still showing as using 47MB of memory. Is this accurate?
      Thank you

    • #105204
      AvatarJamie O’Reilly

      Also is there a way to delete a shop rather than disable it?

    • #105670
      WCFM ForumWCFM Forum


      Well, deleting vendor store means deleting that vendor user, you may off course do so.

      It’s also possible to restrict accessing vendor’s store page by adding such code –

      add_action('template_redirect', function( $template ) {
      	if( function_exists( 'wcfmmp_is_store_page' ) && wcfmmp_is_store_page() ) {
      		wp_safe_redirect( get_permalink( wc_get_page_id( 'shop' ) ) );
      	return $template;
      }, 100 );

      This will always redirect to WooCommerce default shop page.

      Thank You

Viewing 4 reply threads
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