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    • #123275
      WCFM Forum

      WCFM Marketplace supported shipping types –

      1. Zone wise shipping
      2. Distance rate shipping (New)
      3. Country wise shipping
      4. Weight based shipping

      Check here for all details.

    • #123399

      Hello, in the vendor panel I cannot configure the “cost” to the shipping rate. Does not display the “cost” field.
      In the administration panel it can be configured.

      • #123406

        I need, if possible, disable wcfmmp_user_location_field on the checkout page for shipping zone cases.

    • #123418

      We decided to buy and install a shipping carrier plugin (Fedex / UPS) offered by pluginhive.com to handle this process automatically. You need two plugins (Multi Vendor + the carrier you want)


    • #123528

      I have the same problem as pebi44

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    • #123544

      Good feature, I would like to work with her in the near future. Please add a missing field

    • #123596

      hi team,

      I’m using multivendor platform WCFM – and I need to integrate with ship rocket shipping services, please help me!

      thank you

    • #124039

      Hello i try to use the distance rate shipping, its seems not working. i already put the price and the other but still not working out. can you help or give suggestion how to make it working?

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    • #124084

      asyraf, How did you manage to have the price field in the configuration?

      And WCFM does not take into account the seller’s address when he added it to the card. Is there anything more to do?

    • #124087

      websitting.com, Take a closer look, the field as an administrator, as a provider, it will not be the same as mine

    • #124088

      Ah ok thanks

    • #124092

      Another concern is that when we put a limit for delivery (20km) if the person lives further away, they do not even know how to pick up in store

    • #125202

      Hi, is there any news about the missing “cost” field?

    • #125557

      Vendor Shipping by distance is missing field cost.

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    • #125568

      After updating the plugin, it was fixed.

    • #126196
      L Stewart

      I am testing this new option.

      I have put distance 20km and cost £10. When I go to checkout it says: No shipping options were found for XXXX.

      But the distance between store and address is 3.9km.


      Also – can I add this as a product filter? For example – only show me products that deliver to my postcode?

      • #126202
        L Stewart

        Ok I think the reason the distance shipping isn’t working is because it doesn’t calculate on the /cart page. It only calculates on the /checkout page.

        So how do I get this to calculate on the /cart page instead?

    • #126224

      I want to report the same problem as L Stewart.
      The /cart page doesn’t seem to include the calculation for delivery. Can you please fix this so that distance is calculated based on the entered country, city and postcode.
      Distance rate shipping is not usable if it doesn’t calculate the distance on the /cart page as well.

      + feature suggestion: if the customer enters the address in the checkout address fields, the map should try to find the address, not request the user to reenter the address above the map again.
      ++ feature suggestion: allow customers to pin the exact location on the map.

      If this is fixed, i’d switch to using this shipping method asap. Thank you for the new feature.


    • #126670

      Hello WCFM Team, Same problem here with checkout, I can’t see the shipping cost at the cart stage, with this remark “No shipping options were found for ..” even do the addresses are fulfilled. The issue can be resolved at the stage of checkout where can I add the customer location thru the “location”.

    • #126739

      Hi, a couple of things I’ve noticed:
      1. BIG ISSUE: If distance rate shipping is activated, it will block any other shipping method configured in woocommerce. Can we please not block other shipping methods configured in woocommerce?
      Example: I have the postal service configured as a global shipping method in the woocommerce shipping settings and want to have distance rate shipping on store levels.
      2. BIG ISSUE: I feel that the additional field for address geolocation should definitely be removed completely, and that geolocation is done based on the entered address in the regular woocommerce address fields. That would remove the chance that a customer can enter one delivery address but select another location on the map so that he can get a cheaper shipping price – this is a critical flaw.
      3. SMALL ISSUE: The brackets () behind the store shipping name are always visible, even if the shipping method is turned off globally.
      4. SMALL ISSUE: the map is fitting between the marketing opt-in checkbox and delivery to another address checkbox, which is inconsistent with the design of the checkout page. The map should be fitting directly under the postcode input box, and be visible only when the customer enters the address. Or please allow somehow for the admin to choose where to display the map (and if it should display the map at all).

      Just some of the ideas on how we can improve this new feature. Looking to contribute to this product with awesome potential! 🙂

      Kind regards, Aleks

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    • #127876

      I have already built a website using the WCFM market place. anyone can list their products no matter which country he is from or city so if a person even list a grocery store. If a user comes to a website and he buys from a GROCERY store it’s far away from his city, sometimes from another country then what’s the solution?
      I’m thinking to show only the vendors and products who nearby cities to the user who visit the website ?
      any solution?

    • #128563

      Hello, I use delivery by distance, in the settings for wocommerce delivery I specify “Forced delivery to the customer’s billing address”. When placing an order, the client does not see the card and cannot calculate the delivery. If I specify “By default for the customer’s billing address” in the woocommerce delivery destination, then the card appears. I need to use “Forced delivery to customer’s billing address”

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    • #128943
      Rahul Kumar


      I have send many mails and support team not replaying,. I have issues with product added by Vendors only.
      products added by default woocommerce don’t have any issues..

      1) COD Payment not showing order complete message Just stuck in the screen,but products added from woocommerce working fine.
      2) NO emails for Vendors even after enabling it.
      3) style issues.
      4) To setup COD for selected vendors only (products from one vendor only can checkout same time).

      For more clarity i have send video link in email. please read and reply to my emails!!!.

      Please fix this issues, hope you watch the video and read all emails from me.
      Also products added using WCFM are very slow as you can see in the video!!

      As it shows error message from payment gateways (for wcfm products only) it will create bad image for my store!!

      Please fix.

    • #129771


      I use distance rate shipping for multi-vendor but i have a problem in checkout page when using maps; the problem i face that when determine any point/place on the map the delivery location field or the distance is not changed (the new position is not committed)

      the problem is found in specific city ( gaza city / plestine ) , the same problem is not appears in other neighbor countries
      also when using google map site i can pick the location correctly ( by name or lat/lng).

      how to fix ??

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    • #130885

      i have managed to populate the delivery location input field using the shipping/billing address.
      I need a trigger/function to calculate shipping rate based on whichever first result comes back from the maps api call based on the entered address.
      See code here:

      $(".woocommerce-input-wrapper :input").focusout(function(){
          if($("#ship-to-different-address-checkbox").prop("checked") == true){
         		var billship="shipping";
        	else {
            	var billship="billing";
          var x=$("#"+billship+"_address_1").val()+ ", " + $("#"+billship+"_address_2").val() + ", " +$("#"+billship+"_city").val()+$("#"+billship+"_country").val();
          $("#wcfmmp_user_location").prop("readonly", true);
       /*   need here a trigger to force shipping rate calculation for the first detected result */
    • #131064

      salenish, where to add this code?

    • #131646

      I hope they disabled the map and based the calculation of shipping to the Billing address or Shipping address that user type.
      In my case if the user types the Unit number or Street #, Block number of the exact address the Map can’t find it. Woo Distance Shipping Rates plugin does this, I hope they do too.

      Does anyone solved this issue?

    • #132193

      Is there an easy way to update all vendors Shipping zone setting when the Main store setting is updated? This way all the shipping by distance fee is the same for everyone. Right now when I updated the Main Store Setting of Shipping by Distance it doesn’t affect all my vendors that already have Shipping Distance setup.

    • #132206

      Hi Salenish,
      where you add the code?
      it not like at function.php. hhmm….

    • #132210

      HI @djks74, i am using a special add-on Custom CSS and JS which helps me add jquery content. The code i provided here is far from perfect and although it works, it is only a prototype as it does not take into consideration some key things. I am not using it on my web site. I am waiting for a WCFM solution to the problem.

      Kind regards, Aleks

    • #132348

      Re: “Free Shipping Minimum order amount: The amount entered here will be the benchmark above which the shipping will be free.”

      – is this ‘global’ or is there a method to attach distances to free shipping minimum order amounts?

      – Within Distance up to XX kilometers IF order is more than $XX then shipping = Free
      – Within Distance up to XX kilometers IF order is less than $XX then shipping = $X


    • #132421

      Ok Salenish.
      Thanks for updating to me. 🙂

    • #132982

      Hi WC Lovers team,
      please help fix distance rate shipping.

      1. If shipping to a different address checkbox is selected, delivery address geolocation should match that address, not geolocate to current user address.
      2. If shipping to a different address checkbox is NOT selected, the delivery address should match that of the billing address (if the billing address is entered).
      3. Only if neither billing nor shipping address is entered should the delivery address geolocate automatically based on the current user address).
      4. delivery address field and Map should be moved below the shipping fields section, and not be before the shipping to a different address checkbox.
      5. distance rate calculation should also take place on the /cart page.

      Please let me know if this is something you are working on. This is a cool feature you have added and needs a bit of tweaking in order to reach its potential.

      Keep up the great work!

      Kind regards, Aleks

    • #132985

      I need it too!

      • #133800

        Hi salenish,

        ..referring the 5th point.

        i totally agree with this.

    • #135575

      @salenish great suggestions! I agree it’s a little clunky right now. Your suggestions (or even, dropping the “Delivery Location” entirely and just rely on the Shipping/Billing addresses) would make this better.

      Also calculation on the cart page is important.

    • #136122

      Can you add feature to Shipping By Distance, so it measure by routes because it has big differences calculation on Shipping By Distance system with google maps routes calculation. Hope this feature can be added asap because i have found another plugin do this. i attach screen from that plugin.

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    • #140053


      Any help with this?

      1. BIG ISSUE: If distance rate shipping is activated, it will block any other shipping method configured in woocommerce. Can we please not block other shipping methods configured in woocommerce?”

      Or does anybody found a way to unlock the others shipping methods with distance rate activated?


    • #140318
      ivano mino

      in my shop (i am a paid user) when distance rate shipping is activated, every shipping methods in woocommerce will be blocked.
      As well no distance rate will be applied correctly, so as well if distance is lower than 1 Kilometers no shipping rate will be applied.
      PAID USER.
      Hope in somebody here in the forum.
      I will asking money back.

    • #140675


      I commented line 37 in /wp-content/plugins/wc-multivendor-marketplace/core/class-wcfmmp-shipping.php

      //Hide Admin Shipping If vendor Shipping is available
      // add_filter( ‘woocommerce_package_rates’, array(&$this, ‘wcfmmp_hide_admin_shipping’ ), 100, 2 );

      Now it shows admin shipping, but if the distance is more than the max distance configured, checkout page keeps reloading forever.

      Any suggestion to avoid this?


    • #144387

      Hello WCFM Team,

      I need to escalate the distance issue to a stage of BLOCKER. I would love to become your subscriber but without this functionality i need to wait.
      Want to support salenish and his list of 5 issues to waiting for resolution.

      BR, Leszek

    • #145117

      Hi I submitted a ticket about three days ago rearding that my vendors are not able to set up a shipping price depending on their city please I need to have this fixed I have installes the WC City plugin still not able to make it work can you please help me I was able to allow customers to select cuty and state on check out but for some reason vendors are still not able to do so are still just allowing them to ship by state please see the code I am using for this below

      add_filter( ‘wc_city_select_cities’, ‘my_cities’ );
      * Replace XX with the country code. Instead of YYY, ZZZ use actual state codes.
      function my_cities( $cities ) {
      $cities[‘HN’] = array(
      ‘HN1’ => array(
      ‘San Pedro Sula’,
      ‘Puerto Cortés’,
      ‘San Antonio de Cortés’,
      ‘San Francisco de Yojoa’,
      ‘San Manuel’,
      ‘Santa Cruz de Yojoa’,
      ‘La Lima’
      ‘HN2’ => array(
      ‘El Porvenir’,
      ‘La Libertad’,
      ‘La Venta’,
      ‘Nueva Armenia’,
      ‘San Antonio de Oriente’,
      ‘San Buenaventura’,
      ‘San Ignacio’,
      ‘San Juan de Flores’,
      ‘San Miguelito’,
      ‘Santa Ana’,
      ‘Santa Lucía’,
      ‘Valle de Ángeles’,
      ‘Villa de San Francisco’,
      ‘HN3’ => array(
      ‘La Ceiba’,
      ‘El Porvenir’,
      ‘La Masica’,
      ‘San Francisco’,
      ‘HN4’ => array(
      ‘Santa Fe’,
      ‘Santa Rosa de Aguán’,
      ‘Bonito Oriental’
      ‘HN5’ => array(
      ‘Puerto Lempira’,
      ‘Brus Laguna’,
      ‘Juan Francisco Bulnes’,
      ‘Ramón Villeda Morales’,
      ‘HN6’ => array(
      ‘Santa Rosa de Copán’,
      ‘Copán Ruinas’,
      ‘Dulce Nombre’,
      ‘El Paraíso’,
      ‘La Jigua’,
      ‘La Unión’,
      ‘Nueva Arcadia’,
      ‘San Agustín’,
      ‘San Antonio’,
      ‘San Jerónimo’,
      ‘San José’,
      ‘San Juan de Opoa’,
      ‘San Nicolás’,
      ‘San Pedro’,
      ‘Santa Rita’,
      ‘Trinidad de Copán’,
      ‘HN7’ => array(
      ‘Santa Bárbara’,
      ‘Concepción del Norte’,
      ‘Concepción del Sur’,
      ‘El Níspero’,
      ‘Las Vegas’,
      ‘Nuevo Celilac’,
      ‘Nueva Frontera’,
      ‘San Francisco de Ojuera’,
      ‘San José de Colinas’,
      ‘San Luis’,
      ‘San Marcos’,
      ‘San Nicolás’,
      ‘San Pedro Zacapa’,
      ‘San Vicente Centenario’,
      ‘Santa Rita’,
      ‘HN8’ => array(
      ‘El Negrito’,
      ‘El Progreso’,
      ‘Santa Rita’,
      ‘HN9’ => array(
      ‘Dulce Nombre de Culmí’,
      ‘El Rosario’,
      ‘Esquipulas del Norte’,
      ‘La Unión’,
      ‘San Esteban’,
      ‘San Francisco de Becerra’,
      ‘San Francisco de la Paz’,
      ‘Santa María del Real’,
      ‘HN10’ => array(
      ‘Belén Gualcho’,
      ‘Dolores Merendón’,
      ‘La Encarnación’,
      ‘La Labor’,
      ‘San Fernando’,
      ‘San Francisco del Valle’,
      ‘San Jorge’,
      ‘San Marcos’,
      ‘Santa Fe’,
      ‘HN11’ => array(
      ‘La Campa’,
      ‘La Iguala’,
      ‘Las Flores’,
      ‘La Unión’,
      ‘La Virtud’,
      ‘San Andrés’,
      ‘San Francisco’,
      ‘San Juan Guarita’,
      ‘San Manuel Colohete’,
      ‘San Rafael’,
      ‘San Sebastián’,
      ‘Santa Cruz’,
      ‘HN12’ => array(
      ‘La Esperanza’,
      ‘Jesús de Otoro’,
      ‘San Antonio’,
      ‘San Isidro’,
      ‘San Juan’,
      ‘San Marcos de la Sierra’,
      ‘San Miguel Guancapla’,
      ‘Santa Lucía’,
      ‘San Francisco de Opalaca’
      ‘HN13’ => array(
      ‘El Rosario’,
      ‘La libertad’,
      ‘La Trinidad’,
      ‘Minas de Oro’,
      ‘Ojos de Agua’,
      ‘San Jerónimo’,
      ‘San José de Comayagua’,
      ‘San José del Potrero’,
      ‘San Luis’,
      ‘San Sebastián’,
      ‘Villa de San Antonio’,
      ‘Las Lajas’,
      ‘HN14’ => array(
      ‘San Francisco de Coray’,
      ‘San Lorenzo’
      ‘HN15’ => array(
      ‘La Paz’,
      ‘Mercedes de Oriente’,
      ‘San Antonio del Norte’,
      ‘San José’,
      ‘San Juan’,
      ‘San Pedro de Tutule’,
      ‘Santa Ana’,
      ‘Santa Elena’,
      ‘Santa María’,
      ‘Santiago de Puringla’,
      ‘HN16’ => array(
      ‘El Paraíso’,
      ‘San Antonio de Flores’,
      ‘San Lucas’,
      ‘San Matías’,
      ‘Vado Ancho’,
      ‘HN17’ => array(
      ‘Concepción de María’,
      ‘El Corpus’,
      ‘El Triunfo’,
      ‘San Antonio de Flores’,
      ‘San Isidro’,
      ‘San José’,
      ‘San Marcos de Colón’,
      ‘Santa Ana de Yusguare’
      ‘HN18’ => array(
      ‘José Santos Guardiola’,
      return $cities;

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