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Downloadable products ACL Private in S3/Digital Ocean Spaces

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Ultimate Downloadable products ACL Private in S3/Digital Ocean Spaces

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      martin gomez

      I have Wcfm Ultimate and MediaCloud Plugin in order to upload media files to DigitalOcean Spaces (offloadd media content). I upload files to Spaces in public mode but i want to upload them as private if its a downloadable product. MediaCloud developers says that they cant know if the uploaded file is a normal media file or a downloadable file BUT, as the file is uploaded from WCFM Dashboard i want to know if its possible to add something so MediaCloud can know that they should upload as private.
      He gave me this code.

      Do you have something in mind to perform this? I only need something to distinguish normal media upload from downloadable products.

      add_filter('media-cloud/storage/override-privacy', function($privacy, $key, $file, $meta) {
          if (isset($meta['image_meta']) || isset($meta['sizes'])) {
              // this is the main image.
          } else {
              // this is a thumbnail or sized version of the main image.
          return $privacy;
      }, 1000, 4);

      This is the forum question https://talk.mediacloud.press/topic/172/setup-for-woocommerce-downloadable-products/5

      if this counts as personalization please i need a quoation!


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      WCFM Forum

      Already discussing over email, closing here!

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