Easy bulk upload with default settings

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    I am looking to start using WCFM in our webshop. The goal of our website is to be an intermediary between photographers who want to sell their photos online and the customers. Since we are working with only 1 kind of product, I am interested to see if there is a way we can simplify the upload process.

    Our vendors will usually bulk upload their photos (products). These products always have the same characteristics, except for price and product category. It is therefore possible to

    1. Allow a bulk upload without showing the product details
    2. Set a default price at customer level which is then automatically set to every product that is upload
    3. Auto generate a product name (random number like Shutterstock)
    4. Allow category selection during the upload for all products at once

    I’m afraid this will not be possible by default. Is it possible to program our own code in WCFM?

    Best regards,

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    Molay Das


    Thanks for choosing our product.
    If you use our “WOOCOMMERCE FRONTEND MANAGER – ULTIMATE” addon plugin then you will get an extra feature to import bulk products at a time. There is a export option ( you will get the export option in free version too ) under store-manager->Products section, you can export products csv file from there and follow the exact structure to create your bulk products csv file for import. I’ve attached a sample product export csv file below but you have to get a csv file yourself from your website’s product export option and follow that structure.

    A screenshot of the export section is attached also.

    Link for the “WOOCOMMERCE FRONTEND MANAGER – ULTIMATE” addon plugin: https://wclovers.com/product/woocommerce-frontend-manager-ultimate/

    Hope this helps and fulfills your criteria.


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