Embedded mailing into inquiry module

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      my users are utilizing more and more the unquiry module which usually leads into some back and forth discussion.

      I see that other marketplaces have a functionality where the recipient of an inquiry can answer to a mail and the mail is captured as message on the marketplace. The mail address that is responded looks like this e.g. Jballs <2f207263-fbe1-4f1d-9df4-303bb7c36b1a@messages.morphmarket.com>

      I think this would be a huge functionality in order to make communication between vendor and customer as smooth as possible.

      What do you think?


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      Without having any idea about the effort this would take for WC Lovers etc., yes, this would be great feature.
      One the questions that will come up: Would it be still possible for the admin to controle (in a legal correct manner) if this email conversations are used by the vendors to sell their products aside of the main marketplace.
      But generally it would be very handy to have such a tool, yes.

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      HI, at the moment I think that this would be one of the most valueable features possible for my marketplace.

      Currently I allow a direct email reply to the customer by the vendor (custom code), as otherwise vendors always reply to my mail address and communication gets very messy.

      This way I have the issue that I can´t control the conversation and I have to assume that there is a lot of fraud and direct business going on beside the checkout.

      So both to have a nice and convinient way of communicating for customers and vendors and also for admin to control the conversation this would be a great feature.

      Any thought from the Lovers on this?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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