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      I thought it would be a good idea to help clean up some grammar in the plugin. I attached a few I noticed.

      In Pay for Product should read ” Increase Your Product Limit “. The problem here is mixture of capital and missing the “r” at the end of “Your”

      Announcement in the Modules section is missing the “u” in announcement.

      Withdrawal capability switch is missing the “a” in Withdrawal Request

      Thank You

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    • #77112

      Hi mate

      You can change the text by using the luck translate plugin


    • #77113


      That should have said

      Loco translate

      How I hate predictive text 🥴


    • #77219

      Hello @sdel_nevo

      Yes, I noticed this recommendation somewhere else in the forum and I may install to make the proper changes before the website is live. I think for many this loco plugin will help with their websites, so, thank you for this recommendation. I also think that having a thread open that offers plugin users a place to to post any English spelling errors that I may have missed or that may be found in the future for the developers to see is a good idea. Spelling errors are generally very easy to remedy and I don’t think customers should have to run a plugin to fix another plugin.

      Thank You

    • #77447
      WCFM Forum


      We will definitely correct this type errors in next update.

      , Thanks for the details.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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