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      I am using theme rehub and it has a feature for saving vendors (Using a page) similar to that of saving listings which works with other multi-vendor plugins
      I see that with wcfm one can follow a vendor – Any chance of adding ‘Add to favorite sellers’ please.
      A page where we can view vendors that a user has wcfm ‘Followed’

      I asked the question of the theme dev and they replied ‘WCFM has no such function. They have Follow function instead. Maybe in ultimate version’
      Rehub shortcode for page is [rh_get_favorite_shops]
      Any info much appreciated

      Thank you

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      WCFM ForumWCFM Forum


      A page where we can view vendors that a user has wcfm ‘Followed’

      – Users already have this under WooCommerce My Account -> Followings – https://ibb.co/sgZ4csp

      Thank You

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      Aha, Thank you

      Can please tell me how I would change the display of this ‘followings’ layout,
      1 – I would like to display the store logo in line with store name
      2 – and add other such item ie – No of products in store
      3 – And change the text ‘Listed By’ to ‘Shop name’

      4 – I would also like to suggest that ‘Email’ is replaced by the wcfm ‘enquiry’ function – This may make more sense to contact a saved seller by existing system rather than external communication by email.

      I would also like to query the wording ‘Followings’ – Are their functions that I am not aware of? – ie -If a user ‘follows’ a vendor, do they receive notifications when that vendor adds new products etc?
      If not then it may be better/clearer for users, to change this word ‘followings’ to ‘favourites’
      Just my thoughts, I am happy to be corrected 🙂
      Thank you

Viewing 2 reply threads
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