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      I want vendors to be able to promote their product listings in a category.

      You have featured product listings (with a star icon) on your Ultimate plugin dashboard. But it does not work in the way I would like. This is what I need:

      1. When a person selects to promote a listing, they must be shown a price table with 3 different options. For eg. pay $5 to promote listing for 10 days, or pay $10 to promote listing for 30 days. etc
      2. After they select one option, they must be taken to PayPal to make payment.
      3. Once payment is processed, their listing must immediately be bumped up to the top of the category page with a sign saying ‘Featured’.
      4. The left menu panel of the user dashboard must also have ‘Invoices’ that shows the payment made.

      I hope you can add this feature in a future update soon.

      Thank you.

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      WCFM Forum


      If I am not wrong, we have already discussed this before.

      Can you please follow up on that the previous topic!

      Thank You

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      Can your provide a link to that other discussion thread. I could not find it.

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