Force Vendors and Buyers to Register as Vendors

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WC Marketplace Force Vendors and Buyers to Register as Vendors

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      Hello once again,

      As I said, I’m trying to build a simplistic portal where people can sell and buy products between themselves.

      I think that the best idea to have everything simple is to “force” everyone to register as a Vendor, even if they want to buy things only.

      So is there any option for have everywhere the “Vendor Registration Page” show up?

      This is what I want to have:

      When opening the My Account page as well, to have the same “Vendor \registration Page Form”:

      Thank you!

    • #120370


      Firstly, Please un-checked the “Allow customers to create an account on the “My account” page” option from WooCommerce Settings->Accounts & Privacy (PFA).
      And create a link for “Registration” page which will open the “Vendor Registration” page(which contain “[wcfm_vendor_registration]” shortcode). In this way who ever wants to create a account will have do it from the “Vendor Registration” page.


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    • #120585

      Thank you, Sarmistha!

      One more question, related to the same Registration process.

      Once the User gets fully registered, he is redirected to this page, which has two buttons.
      I’ve been trying to get them hidden, but I am unable to. (tried via dashboard, checking the php/css, etc.).

      Do you have any suggestions?

      Thanks a million!

    • #120938


      Try this css in your theme’s style.css

      a.wcfm_registration_thank_you_dashbord_button,a.wcfm_registration_thank_you_setup_button {
      display:none !important;


    • #121064

      Awesome! Thanks a lot! 🙂

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