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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WC Marketplace Geo Locations > Checkout User Location not disabling

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      Love the new function of being able to get user delivery location, we were looking forward to this one, however it’s not exactly how we wanted it, so we need to disable it until there is improvement, for time being we found another plugin that caters kind of our needs. We have unchechecked the “Checkout User Location” box on Geo Locations page, but it still shows the map and location field on the check out page.

      Our configuration is as follows
      – WP latest version
      – WC
      – WCFM and other few addons from WCFM
      – Basic Twenty Twenty theme.

      but it doesn’t disable when box is unchecked. Please help.

      P.s. just in case you are wondering what we want for this functionality is as follows
      – Able to get address for both Billing details & Shipping details including coordinates (if enabled).
      – Able to hide the Billing/Shipping address fields if the autolocation is enabled (no need to enter them as they are autopopulated)
      – Able to populate the billing/shipping fields from the location, including coordinates (while the billing fields are hidden)
      – Able to get current location when gps button is clicked and billing/shipping fields are populated.

      Hope this helps

    • #126767

      I’m having the same issue. I’ve disabled Checkout User Location in the Geolocation settings.

    • #128102

      Please add current location support on Checkout User Location, so customer does not need to typing address but just use one click

    • #142511

      i have disabled checkout location multiple times, but still not working. and also please i want to hide the map but location filter should be there is there any shortcode or anyother way to do that. Thank Yoou.

    • #142512

      Is there anyway to enable high accuracy for location please help!…

Viewing 4 reply threads
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