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    Hi – and thanks for an amazing product and for answering my questions!

    I’m starting to make a multivendor bookings site, and am currently trying out WCFM with the WC-Vendors one week free demo. Mostly, it’s been amazing and very easy to get going. The point I’m getting to is that, even with turning off as many switches in the capability manager as I can, the WCFM frontend dash is still displaying a lot more things than I would like – either to tell the vendor that they’re turned off, or they’re just there anyway, even if I turn them off in WC Vendors and in WCFM as much as possible (like the default fields on the payments tab, even though the fields for my chosen payments gateway appear below as well).

    I know this is a bit tricky as I’m only using the WC Vendors demo, so I don’t have the bookings plugin I need or even full access to the code editor – I’m just looking to test out as much of the system as I can together before spending a few hundred £ putting A LOT of plugins together! So I’m not looking for a full practical answer, just an indication of whether and how what I’m after might be possible.

    My ideal would be to have menu options for: Listings (where vendors can add/edit their listings, with custom fields), Availability (where they add/edit slots on a frontend calendar or list), Profile (to manage their seller profile, with custom fields), and Payouts (showing only my actual gateway). Ideally, I’d also include Coupons and a simple (listings-only, with no mention of products/shipping) Analytics.

    Sorry for the wall of text! I’m happy buy Ultimate or add-ons if this will help, and to alter simple code given clear instructions, or to hire a freelancer for this if I have an idea of how easy or difficult a thing I’m asking for! If there’s anything I can do to help, like drawing a mockup or explaining better, please just ask. Thank you for your help!

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    Hi Ella,

    Thanks for get in touch with us.

    Look, disabling additional menu option is not at all a big deal. I think you have already already Articles and Customers from capability. Now, vendors only have – Home, Products, Bookings and Settings. What else you want to remove?

    Testing – you may take a test full booking integration at our Bookings demo -> http://wcbooking.wcfmdemos.com/my-account

    Just to mention, I think you don’t need a freelancer for all this. We will guide you over teamviewer.

    Thank You

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