How does bank transfer work?

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    Luke Lee


    So finally my project is reaching to 100% completion, one thing that confuses now is the withdrawal “Bank Transfer”

    So I created a vendor account myself and do a testing transaction. I set my payment withdrawal method to “Bank Transfer” and entered my bank name, account, and routing number. Then request for withdrawal.

    Then I go to my admin account to approve the request, and it successfully went thru.

    Here comes my question:

    1. How does admin pay this payout to the vendor’s bank account? Like how does this
    2. Why does it charge my stripe balance to payout for this transaction? Since I don’t really setup anything related to it? Is there a way for us to change the way we pay for bank transfer?
    3. How long does it normally take for bank transfer to appear in my bank statement? I do the test and my vendor account’s bank does not show anything yet. (I know it may take around 2~3 days?)

    Thanks so much for everything btw, looking forward for these answers!

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    WCFM Forum


    So finally my project is reaching to 100% completion

    – That’s really a great news 🙂

    Well, Bank Transfer is a manual payment process. Admin has to transfer money from his bank account to vendor’s bank account manually.

    Thank You

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    Luke Lee


    Thanks for the answer.

    Since you reply me here, I would like to toss some questions here real quick, and these are all the problems we have left to complete the site.

    1. I’m trying to link the vendor’s store-front page to their my account page end-point (My Store-Front Page), and I know that this link is dynamically generated depending on which user is logged in.

    Is there any way to do it? I was trying to copy the code you have in wcfm-view-menu.php, (that when you click on the logo icon on the menu, it goes to the vendor’s store-front page.

    Here is the code you have:
    $store_name = '<a href="'.get_permalink( wc_get_page_id( 'shop' ) ).'" target="_blank">' . __( $wcfm_my_store_label, 'wc-frontend-manager' ) . '</a>';

    2. Also, in the store manager page, this place shows the website’s name instead of vendor’s name:

    Where it shows “MX Vendor”, was previously showing the website’s name, instead of vendor’s name (I manipulate the code in your wcfm-view-menu.php and make it to show the user’s first name and last name. But then I can’t make it so it links to the vendor’s store-front page too. (like an a tag in html)

    3. When we trying to do the Stripe payout, it shows error “Withdrawal Requests partially processed, check log for more details.”
    When I check the log, it shows:

    2019-11-12T06:06:28+00:00 ERROR #000006 - Stripe payment processing failed: You have insufficient funds in your Stripe account. One likely reason you have insufficient funds is that your funds are automatically being paid out; try enabling manual payouts by going to

    We found out that it’s current link to one of the stripe connect account we created under our stripe account, and this is confusing since all the APIs and secret and Client ID we are using should connected to our Stripe’s main account, so not too sure how it works?

    Any help will be appreciated, this is what we have left.

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    WCFM Forum

    Please contact us here –
    We will help you do this.

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