How I can add Indian Tax System(GST) on products?

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      Amarpreet Singh

      Indian taxing system has 3 Taxes CGST(50% of total Collected/Goes to Center Government),SGST(50% of total Collected/Goes to State Government).CGST and SGST will apply when both customer and vendor are from same state.
      IGST (100% Tax collected/Goes to Center Government).It applies on bills when Vendor and Customer are from different States.
      Now my Question Is?
      Woocommerce provide Master for tax Slabs but its nearly impossible to maintain that master without mistakes. For Example Take a Tax Slab of 18%,Now if we have 32 vendors from 32 different states then we have to create 18% Tax slab 32 times (duplicacy) and all these Tax Slabs will be visible to all vendors which is very error prone(If vendor selects Wrong Slab by mistake.)

      Please let me know if you have solution to this problem asap.

      Or any wayout to Create master of all the slabs with singular entries and apply that on all the vendors.this will automate all the Tax calculation system i.e we can check state of both vendor,customer at checkout page and apply tax accordingly.

      Thanks in Advance

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      WCFM Forum


      Please go to wp-admin -> WooCommerce -> Setting -> Tax -> Standard Rates -> Setup Tax like this –

      Thank You

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      Hi. This is a very important part of multi-vendor marketplace.
      There are 5 tax slabs (including 0% tax)
      There are 28+8 states + UTs
      and 3 types of GST (CGST, SGST and IGST)

      These things have to accommodate into the marketplace.
      Please show us how to do this with one complete example.

      Your screenshot example doesn’t give any idea on how to setup these GST for multi-vendor marketplace.

      Thanks in advance.

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      WCFM Forum

      You have to setup these Tax rules under WooCommerce Tax Setting –  

Viewing 3 reply threads
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