How i can show the products by zip code

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    We need when the customer coming to the webpage, display the message asking the zip code from the costumer, after they give, we confirm the address requesting confirmation of the number and add-on if if they have. (similar insta cart and . If you check, bolth sites ask the zipcode/adress in the entrance of the site. We need the same. After the confirmed address, a home page must display the available products the vendor deliver to the address, with follow rule: always showing the cheapest in each category (without repeating the product), ex. cheapest banana from joão store, cheapest from samuel store, and so on … Imagine a home categorized with several products and the cheapest one appears according to the availability of address information delivery. There is no problem repeating suppliers / partners / vendors, so we cannot repeat a product. Ex. we cannot have 2 bananas in the home page.

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