How to add Shipping if product is uploaded via wp-admin rather than through WCfM

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Marketplace (WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace) How to add Shipping if product is uploaded via wp-admin rather than through WCfM

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      Jasmin Kronewetter


      We have a mixed setup where vendors sell products as well as we (admin) buy wholesale and sell + ship products from multiple brands.

      Since we (admin) sell products from multiple brands, these products shouldn’t be assigned to a vendor store.

      I thought the best way to do this would be to upload those products directly wp-admin, but doing it this way, it seems I can’t add shipping? (see image attached – No shipping class)

      We currently only ship within Australia, so we have created Shipping Zones (for individual States) with ‘Store Shipping’ for the Shipping Method.

      This works fine in the Shipping setups for Vendors through WCfM, but it won’t show up as an option when adding products through wp-admin.

      I tried to add ‘Flat rate’ additionally to Store Shipping as a Shipping Method, hoping this would add the option to product upload in wp-admin, but no luck.

      Does someone know what I could do?

      Thank you!

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    • #124009
      Jasmin Kronewetter

      Ok so I’ve now realised that even as an admin it’s better if we upload the products through WCfM rather than wp-admin.

      That said, I’m still struggling to figure out how we can set shipping for admin-uploaded products? I understand I can’t do it through Store Manager like vendors would because as admin that’s where I set the vendor shipping options, so I can’t access it like vendors do.

      Is there really no way for admin to set shipping on uploaded products without assigning a store?

    • #124233

      It’s simpler than you think. For admin every WooCommerce shipping method is applicable. So for each of your shipping Zones add another shipping method apart from ‘Store Shipping’. So ‘Store Shipping’ for vendors and any other method (Flat rate, Local pickup, or Free shipping) for admin.
      Add an admin product in the cart to see this working.
      Thank You!

    • #124913
      Jasmin Kronewetter

      Thanks a lot for the quick reply! I’m not sure why, but I assumed that if I did that, it would override the Shipping settings for the Vendors. Will try now, thanks for your help!

    • #124922
      Jasmin Kronewetter

      Ok I have another question I’m hoping you can help with.

      What you suggested works well in terms of that Store Vendor shipping settings will override admin shipping settings but I do have a problem if a vendor does not want to ship somewhere where we have an admin shipping method.

      For example:

      If I set a Free Shipping method for all Zones for admin products through wp-admin, if I have a Store Vendor who does not want to ship to one of those zones that admin is shipping to, how would I do this?

      I understand that if Store Vendors sets a shipping method for a zone it will override the admin settings, but if they don’t add any shipping methods for that zone, the admin set shipping methods will show up at the check out.

      The reason I’m having this problem is because our users can filter products by State on our website, and we have some vendors who sell food items that can’t be shipped to other states.

      Hope you can help, I feel like I’m missing something really obvious. Thanks again.


Viewing 4 reply threads
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