How to customize/edit layout of store cards?

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM How to customize/edit layout of store cards?

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      Is there any way without going insane trying to edit the layout for the storecards on a store list page?
      This is like the entrance to a store, so should be very editable/customizable to entice the customer to enter.

      I cannot find any documentation on how to go about doing this and it is a big issue.

      Things I’d like to edit on store cards:

      – Make the entire card a link that can be clicked to go to the store
      – Remove the Visit button
      – Add promo’s to store card, like “free delivery”, “20% OFF” (without having to hardcode it in the store banner image itself)
      – Add delivery time (value taken from distance from store to customer, using some settings to populate estimated time based on distance)
      – Add the name of store on the bottom below the picture to ensure it is very visible since store banner photos are different colors and sometimes text doesn’t display well
      – Add price range (like ‘$’, ‘$$’, ‘$$$’)
      – Add short description, like cuisine type [Asian], [Vegetarian], etc.

      I added a sample picture of an easy layout that would be ultimate.

      Please, anyone?

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      The reason this is SO important in a multi-vendor system is because the vendors are brands that want to differentiate themselves from the other vendors.
      If there is no way to edit the layout of the frontage of the store (the store card), they all just look generic and it will be very hard to get vendors to join the market place. Maybe that works if you sell commodities in bulk, or standardized product like mobile phones, but for many industries, the brand is the store much more than the products they sell.

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