How to make the country and state mandatory field to be filled.

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Marketplace (WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace) How to make the country and state mandatory field to be filled.

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      I want to make the field of state and country obligatory to be fulfilled.
      As it looks in code it has the mandatory attribute:

      “state” => array(‘label’ => __(‘Store State/County’, ‘wc-multivendor-marketplace’), ‘name’ => ‘vendor_data[address][state]’, ‘type’ => ‘select’, ‘in_table’ => ‘yes’, ‘class’ => ‘wcfm-select wcfm_ele’, ‘label_class’ => ‘wcfm_title wcfm_ele’, ‘custom_attributes’ => array( ‘required’ => true ), ‘options’ => $state_options, ‘value’ => $state ).
      On class-wcfmmp-store-setuo.php file.
      But if you leave it blank and press “Continue” it goes to the next stage.
      How can i fix it.
      Thank you

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      Well, there has many fields which are required, but we do not apply these rules at “Store Setup” widget.

      But when vendor will be at his dashboard’s setting section then he has to filled up these fields.

      Thank You

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      hi wcfm
      i want to make store setup field mandatory how i will do that

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        We have already replied in previously, we do not apply “required”rules at “Store Setup” widget.
        You can make required field in vendor’s settings page (add this in your theme’s functions.php)-

        add_filter('wcfm_marketplace_settings_fields_address',function($fields, $user_id) {
        	$fields['street_1']['custom_attributes'] = array( 'required' => 1 );
        	$fields['state']['custom_attributes'] = array( 'required' => 1 );
        	$fields['country']['custom_attributes'] = array( 'required' => 1 );
        	return $fields;


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