I'd like to see demo or screen shots of Groups & Staffs

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      Links from your website to the demo for Groups and Staffs does not show me what options there are for staff.

      I would like to see a demo that includes the staff options. Or I’d like to see screenshots so that I know for sure what the plugin does for staff access.

      I was also unable to find this information on YouTube.

      Essentially, I want to build an eCommerce store from my client. I want to use woocommerce. I want to give my client access ONLY to load and maintain product. I do NOT want him to see wordpress admin dashboard.

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      WCFM Forum


      Thanks for get in touch with us.

      I understand your requirement.

      It will be best for you to logged in as Shop Manager and create a Shop Staff yourself and check the things –

      Demo – http://wcfmgs.wcfmdemos.com/my-account/
      Login – demo_wclovers
      Password – demo_wclovers

      Just to mention, you can control Staff capability in two levels – Globally and Individually.

      Please know me if we can help you some other way.

      Thank You

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      Ok, thank you but…

      The demo did work. Thank you.

      But an important thing for me, that I don’t understand, is what does the staff see when they log in? I really just want to know now if the staff can see the wordpress admin dashboard or wordpress admin header?

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      If depends on Staff capability.

      If staff is a vendor staff then they will see vendor’s product and vendor’s orders.

      If Staff is a admin staff then will see all products and orders.

      You can controll everything using capability. Also may define different rule for different staffs.

      You can also block staff wp-admin dashboard visibility from capability.

      Wp-admin header toolbar by default disabled for staffs, don’t worry.

      Thank You

Viewing 3 reply threads
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