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      Cap Luis

      I have no doubt that WCFM is the best Front End manager! has many options and this is a long time in the market, but I believe there is a new plugin frontends that has things that WCFM could use as inspiration.

      I believe that when something new arrives it has to be better at something, it’s practically your obligation to be better, so I do not take the merit of WCFM which has many more functions!

      But the WCFM design seems a bit old! I’m trying to use the right words to not offend anyone, but I think WOOPANEL has a more modern and clean design!

      Following the current FLAT pattern.

      All of their pages are beautiful and clean, but the product editing page really strikes me as a backend edition on the frontend! is very well polished.

      The panel is very clean and fluid, but WCFM has many more functions! something to take into consideration is that each staff has a personal taste, which I think is pretty, may not be nice for someone else.

      But one thing is tendency, Flat and fast design.

      I hope to see something similar in the future of WCFM

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      WCFM Forum


      Well, you may such changes easily by overriding product manager template under child theme’s folder.

      Thank You

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