Inquiry feature not working

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM Inquiry feature not working

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      The inquiry feature is not working on my site there is no inquiry tab and if a vendor opens the link to the page than it gives the warning: you dont have permisions to view this page. i have enabled the modules: inquiry and inquiry tab. and i have turned the permision on for inquiry in the capability settings.

      what can i do to fix this problem? thanks

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    • #119960


      We assume that you haven’t override the capability from individual vendor/group.
      Do you have created this vendor user using some other multi-vendor plugin previously and now you are using another multi-vendor plugin?
      If so, then you may get this message.

      When you are switching from other some multi-vendor plugin then migration is very important –

      Or, create a fresh new vendor user.

      Important – vendor user role should be “Store Vendor”, don’t confuse with previous multi-vendor plugin’s user role!


    • #119974

      I have migrated in the past from Woocommerce Product Vendors to this plugin(all my vendors are “store vendors”). Also successful with the migration plugin. but i don’t think that that is the problem because it is also not working for all the new vendors.

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      You have our WCFM Groups&Staff plugin? If so, did you already check in the capability controller of the specific group you created?


    • #120891

      No i don’t have the WCFM Groups&Staff plugin.

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      It’s strange.
      Can you share us the site details with site url, we need to debug this issue in your site.(Set as private reply)


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        We have logged in your site as a vendor(username: test1vendor), and we can access “Enquiry” dashboard. Please check properly. (PFA)


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