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Inquiry Response Destination (user) buddypress integration (buddycommerce)

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      I have a problem, I use the buddycommerce plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddycommerce/

      To display my woocommerce tabs within the buddypress member profile, having everything on the profile sounds great to users.

      But Inquiry responses cannot be seen in the buddypress profile. Because the survey page does not exist by default with the buddycommerce integration.

      I can create a buddypress profile page / tab with the Inquiry title to map the answer.

      But I don’t know if this will solve. I need to know how I can display these answers in the final destination. of the tab.

      http://www.mysite/member/me/Inquiry / 01

      I can create the Inquiry tab manually in buddypress, but the rest of the slug would not be static, but dynamic data from the survey. “inquiry number”

      If I can shortcode something like that into the Inquiry tab, to show the user answers, that already solves my problem, and the inquiry link in the email should also go to http://www.mysite.com/com/member/me/Inquiry /
      and disregard the number from the “01” inquiry as it will receive a 404 error.

      Please help me with this.

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