INQUIRY:Product Type specific different custom field for Inquiry Form

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      Hi there!

      May I have a Product type specific different custom field for a Inquiry Form?

      I would like to have a different Inquiry Form for each product type, so that a Bookable product and a Simple product have different custom fields.


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      It requires some custom development and will be a paid one.

      If you are interested then please contact us here –

      Thank You

    • #113921

      Hi! If you could provide me more or less the hooks to do that, I could do it by myself.
      In case I don’t get it I may ask for custom development.

      Thanks for your reply.

    • #114651

      What you want to achieve consist of multiple addition and tweaks. Sorry, but this can’t be a single action/filter job. What I can do, is to guide you with the process flow. You will need to go through the corresponding sourcecode and figure out the logic yourself.
      One approach you can take, is to add another field (Product types -multi-select) under Inquiry Form Custom Fields ( WCFM Admin dashboard >> Settings >> Inquiry settings ). After this you will require to override wc-frontend-manager\views\enquiry\wcfm-view-enquiry-form.php template and add your conditions while showing the fields.

    • #115088

      Hi There!

      I understand. I will give a try!

      Thank you very much for your reply!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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