Is this is the perfect plugin for me?

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM Is this is the perfect plugin for me?

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      My first time making a website, I bought dokan and wcuf but those were bad decisions as dokan and uf are good plugins but not for me as I want a specific marketplace type. Seems like wcfm and wcfm addons have everything I want(seems like), so tell me if I am correct or not. Also thank god you have a forum, guys, really handy. Anyway I want a multi vendor marketplace that would display all vendors list(or all vendors personal shops, not just products), private messages, verification of a vendor(Id like vendors to verify by picture only, not id so could I change the “id verification” text to my liking? Also market affiliation, thank f god you have it, as far as I know you can have different memberships in this plugin, can I make market affiliation URL for a specific membership plan? Honestly these addons seem to have everything I want I just wanted to clarify some things.

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      WCFM Forum


      Thanks for get in touch with us.

      Well, all your requirement can be fulfilled easily using WCFM and it’s addons.

      Please contact us directly at, we will help you to setup all these.

      Between, do you have decided any theme for your site yet? if not, then please choose that first.
      May choose one from this list –
      Or, you may use choose any WooCommerce compatible theme.

      Thank you

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      Thanks for the reply, I’ve already got my theme called “TheGem”. I will try to set everything up today after I finish my IRL job, clean up crap in my database that previous addons have left and sure I will email if I need any help. Already bought all the addons I need 10 mins ago and I really love the instant delivery to download them whereas with another company they had to confirm paypal order which took 6 hours for one addon and 25hrs for another and you can imagine the frustration when trying to set up a business website. I’ve browsed your forum a bit and noticed that you gonna implement affiliation with registration so that’s really awesome. Honestly I think this might be the best wc marketplace plugin on the market right now. When I’m gonna set everything up I will leave 5 star reviews for you guys.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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