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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Ultimate Issue and question about Customer Support

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    • #128263

      Hi dear team,
      I am facing an issue with Customer Support ticket when a costumer forgets to enter his (required) message.
      The submit button disappears and that’s okay but when the costumer enters his message than the submit button does not reappear again.
      Please see attachment.

      Also I have a question about the Support fields in Vendor Dashboard > Customer Support like address city/town, etc.
      What is the purpose of those fields? Because they don’t show up anywhere. Not in store, email or store invoice.
      Besides that vendor can already put his information in the Location fields and in Store tabs if he wants to so it looks like a little overkill for me.

      That being said I had a question about shuffling this fields in this topic:
      But maybe I rather have this fields removed at all if they have no real important purpose.
      I want to keep Customer Support so disabling it from capabilities is not an option.

      Thank you

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    • #129706

      We will fix this in our future release. For now please use the following snippet to do the trick –

      add_action( 'woocommerce_after_account_orders', function() {
              jQuery( function ( $ ) {
                setTimeout( function () {
                  $( '#colorbox' ).on( 'DOMSubtreeModified', function () {
                    jQuery( '#wcfm_support_submit_button' ).click( function () {
                      if ( jQuery( '#wcfm_support_query' ).val().length === 0 ) {
                        setTimeout( function () {
                          jQuery( '.wcfm-message' ).html( '' ).removeClass( 'wcfm-error' ).removeClass( 'wcfm-success' ).slideUp( 'slow', function () {
                            jQuery( '#wcfm_support_submit_button' ).show();
                          } );
                        }, 1000 );
                    } );
                  } );
                }, 0 );
              } );
      } );

      Add this code to your child theme’s functions.php
      In case you do not have a child theme then add code using this plugin –
      Let me know how this goes.

    • #129854

      Thanks Sushobhan, you’re the best.

      Two more questions though…

      1] Since I’m still not that familiar with WP and the functions.php do I remove this snippet again on next update?


      But maybe I rather have this fields removed at all if they have no real important purpose.

      How to achieve this? I do want to keep customer support for vendor so no disabling in capabilities.

    • #131388

      @Sushobhan could you at least give me an answer to my question 2?
      I’ve been very patience with all the issues you have regarding the last update but I think it’s only fair that you handle the older topics first before answering to the newer ones which have nothing to do with the last update and where the answers can be found with a simple search on Google or in this forum.
      As for myself, I never, ever ask any questions before searching on the internet first on “WCFM – my issue”.
      A lot of it I found myself but sometimes I can not find it, and only than I ask a question here. Not sooner.

    • #131457

      I’m so sorry. I really am! Here are your answers-

      1. The code I provided you, will not conflict with the update. It will become unnecessary but will not cause any harm if you keep it.
      2. Go to Capability and disable Customer Support under Settings section. It will hide the customer support tab under vendor settings. But the feature will work fine.

      One funny thing, I thought I replied to you a few days ago. I have typed my reply that’s for sure but as I can see now, it wasn’t posted. I keep many tabs open at once, maybe somehow I lost track.

      Thank You for your patience!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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