Issues with delivery driver module

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      Prabhakar Shukla

      Sir, I have purchased delivery driver and as admin, I am not able to assign the order in bulk actually our vendors are not technically strong and second thing is this in that case we need to create delivery driver for a store and we have multiple stores so how is possible, add a single driver to multiple stores. customers are getting multiple emails (received emails for each item separately) for their one order so please look into this sir.

      Please allow bulk assign capability to admin adds a function for driver dashboard – show the single order one time in current scenario drivers dashboard is showing same order number multiple times. and also release an update as I have already read at forum action for driver update delivered all the products in a single click.

      what about Delivery driver application?

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      WCFM Forum


      We have already released a Beta version of Delivery APP –

      It will be live soon.

      I have already replied other points in another thread.

      Thank You

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      Hi WCFM,

      Great work with the delivery option. I would like to suggest the following improvements though.

      1. When delivery boy updates a an order using the app or on the website, then it automatically saves the order as delivered instead?

      2. Can there be a search option added so delivery persons can search for a particular customer or order#?

      3. Can there be an option to bulk edit? So a delivery boy can select a checkbox for each item then change the status to delivered.

      4. Can a reset option be placed in? Where an item can be reset to not being delivered.

      5. Can there be an option to toggle the verification message on and off? “Are you sure? This action can not be undone…”

      6. Can the delivery boy get an option to add notes on the order from the delivery screen?

      7. Can the actions of the delivery boy be saved in the order notes automatically?

      8. A note Section when assigning delivery persons. When placing in the tracking info there should be another option to add notes.

      Thanks again

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      WCFM Forum

      Thanks, we will look into this.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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