Klarna Payment integration –> Activation of Klarna Orders

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      I just implemented Klarna Payments on my website. Only issue is that orders need to be activated in Klarna after goods have been shipped. Activation in Klarna triggers the Invoice procedure. As I use unsync order setup I don´t really have an overview when vendor ships the goods.

      Is there any chance to integrate WCFM Marketplace and Klarna Payments so that the API activates the line items of an order once vendor flags is line items as completed.

      Klarna Payments really seems to get popular so I think it could be worth to rollout a clean process here.

      Thanks & BR

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      WCFM ForumWCFM Forum


      You are talking about this one, right? https://woocommerce.com/products/klarna-payments/

      We will check, whether is this support multi-vendor sites or not! If yes, then we will integrate this with WCFM Marketplace.

      Thank You

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      HI, according to their policy they do not offer service to marketplace businesses. Also Stripe is working in beta to integrate Klarna. So I think my request can be ignored.

      Thanks Dominique

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      AvatarMichael Widegren

      I am using Stripe at the moment, what would be needed for the use of the Klarna api ? :

      Would be nice to have the option for my customers

Viewing 3 reply threads
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