Knowledbase visibility issue

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    The problem is as follows. It seem that Knowledge base is only visible to ‘Store vendor’ and only to them. I have created ‘Custom role’ and I assign it to each ‘Store Vendor’ after they subscribe to membership. 

    – Knowledge base is visible when role is ‘Store Vendor’ (before subscription)
    – Knowledge base is NOT visible when role is ‘Store Vendor’ & ‘Custom role’ (after subscription)

    Second problem related to the same role issue is that when I – as admin – set Vendor’s subscription manually e.g. exactly what it currently is, it resets Vendors roles to ‘Store Vendor’ only. Thus setting manually a subscription existing roles are removed.

    Before admin set’s manually Vendors subscription roles of the vendor are ‘Store Vendor’ & ‘Custom role’
    – knowledge not visible
    After reset roles of the vendor are ‘Store Vendor’ 
    – knowledge base is visible again 

    so 2 problems
    – knowledge base is visible on to ‘Store Vendor’and not visible if user has more roles
    – setting user subscription manually it removes existing roles of the user and set ‘Store Vendor’ only

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    Knowledge base is NOT visible when role is ‘Store Vendor’ & ‘Custom role’ (after subscription)
    – Is this user able to access Store Manager ?

    If, yes. Then only Knowledge base is not visible to them, but other dashboard elements accessible to them?

    Is this default WooCommerce customer user role or some special one?

    Actually, Store Vendor’s not require customer user role, they also allow to purchase from site.

    Thank You

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    maybe I was not accurate in the problem description.

    step 1) user role is ‘Store Vendor’ then everything is ok
    step 2) user gets additional role (many 3rd party plugins do this). Let’s call role ‘Custom role’. It is not default WordPress nor Woocommerce role, it is role defined by 3rd party plugin. In my case I assign this role to user when he makes new subscription.
    -> Now user has roles ‘Store Vendor’ and ‘Custom role’. Very common situation that user has many roles.

    User can access all the menus, also Knowledge base but nothing is visible there – knowledge base is empty. User can’t see any of the guidelines.

    If I log in as administrator I can see Knowledge base with all guidelines but when I log in as user with roles ‘Store Vendor’ and ‘Custom role’ then Knowledge base is empty. So my mistake in original description. Knowledge base can be accessed but it is empty.

    Same is true to Announcements. It is empty for user with ‘Custom role’.

    step 3)
    – user has roles ‘Store Vendor’ and ‘Custom role’
    – I log in as administrator
    – I go to Store vendors -> Select Vendor who has user roles ‘Store Vendor’ & ‘Custom role’ -> Manage Store vendor -> Subscription -> Change subscription plan to very same plan he currently has -> Update

    User now has only role ‘Store Vendor’ i.e. ‘Custom role’ was deleted.

    In this case user can now see all guidelines in the Knowledge base and all Announcements.

    It would be my wish that Custom roles are allowed to be added to the users without losing any visibility and whenever user roles are changed then previous roles would be preserved instead of deleting them.

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