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      Is it possible to limit the price range of products that vendors can sell?
      Specifically, I’d like to disable offering “free” products unless the vendor is a premium subscriber.
      In capabilities I only see limit for number of products but not price.
      A custom code based solution would be perfect as well. For example, is there a hook where I can check the price setting before saving?


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      You may add such condition using this hook –

      do_action( 'after_wcfm_products_manage_meta_save', $new_product_id, $wcfm_products_manage_form_data );

      Thank You

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      Thanks for the answer!
      Could you be a little bit more specific?
      I’d like to block saving the data if price is zero, and display an error notification on bottom of page, where ‘saved successfully’ normally appears.
      Sorry if it’s a lot to ask, but I would have to read the entire code-base to figure that out.
      Thanks a lot!

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      Please add this code to your child theme’s functions.php –

      add_filter( 'wcfm_form_custom_validation', function( $wcfm_products_manage_form_data, $form ) {
      	if( $form == 'product_manage' ) {
      		$product_price = isset( $wcfm_products_manage_form_data['regular_price'] ) ? wc_clean( $wcfm_products_manage_form_data['regular_price'] ) : 0;
      		$product_price = absint( $product_price );
      		if( !$product_price || ( $product_price < 0 ) ) {
      			$wcfm_products_manage_form_data['has_error'] = true;
      			$wcfm_products_manage_form_data['message'] = 'Please add some cost for the product.';
      	return $wcfm_products_manage_form_data;
      }, 50, 2);

      Thank You

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