list of all supported short codes?

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WC Marketplace list of all supported short codes?

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      I am searching to customize the store page. Elementor widgets provided by WCLOVERS are not flexible enough. the maximum you can do with it – is to re-make the same design provided…
      So, i was searching for example for a short code to get Store Vendor description (about tab data)
      But then i want also other sub-info of the store vendor…
      like the slider? how to get it? how to show it?…
      So i guess i will end up creating a new template in PHP…

      Is there a list or documentation of all the available short-codes ??….

    • #139428

      Good question! I’d like to have this list too.

    • #139526

      wow… If you need it too, meaning i was not wrong by not finding it…
      This is not a good sign for someone moving from Dokan…
      All these nice options in a plugin are meaningless if there is no flexibility/ widgets/documentation to use it.
      WCFM – please advise.

    • #140079

      Hi WCFM
      Your product is young but promising.
      But without proper developer support / documentation / sample – it will be lost…

      Can you please provide some documents for
      – shortcodes?
      – hooks?
      – theme / PHP code customization??…

      Do we really need to dig into your code to find how to customize or even GET data from vendor shop / vendor settings ?

      Please response.
      From searching for 2 days now – i am not the only one that is looking for some proper guide / documentation.

    • #147362


Viewing 4 reply threads
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