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    • #134991

      By updating the general settings of a shop (from admin), the selected shipping setting is lost.
      For example, I change the image of the shop, click on “update” and after refres the shipment is no longer available in the checkout; in fact, in the shop settings, by opening the shipments tab the flag (wcfmmp_shipping [_wcfmmp_user_shipping_enable]) is disabled as are the other two settings relating to time and type.
      So every time I make a change to the settings of a vendor I have to remember to check that the flag in the shipment is selected.
      I use wcfm ultimate and wcfm marketplace

    • #136211

      Hi, were you able to fix this? I have the same problem

    • #136507

      No, I’m not able to fix it. I just remember, after ajax success message, to go to the Shipping tab and click to the update button (the fields remain in the correct value if I not refresh the page). If refresh the page I have to set the correct values.
      This thing is very risky, because if the changes are made by a collaborator who does not know that the values that appear in the shipping tab are actually reset, we risk to have a seller being unable to sell.
      I think this is a serious bug

    • #136704

      Thanks for getting back to me. It is indeed very important, I have emailed them so waiting for reply! will let u know but I’m sure they’ll reply soon

    • #138018

      I have the same issue. Support said that it’s probably a conflict with custom code, but apparently there is many with the same issue.
      It’s a particular severe issue that if the store owner updates information and he doesn’t know about the issue and updating the shipping as well, than products cannot be purchased.

      I hope WC Lovers have a good luck at this.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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