Make price mandatory for variations

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      L Stewart


      I would like to make price mndatory for variations. I found this code you have shared. But is this correct?

      function wcfm_restrict_publish_product_variation_pricing( $variation_fileds, $variations, $variation_shipping_option_array, $variation_tax_classes_options, $products_array ) {
      	global $wp;
      	$product_id = 0;
      	if( isset( $variation_fileds['regular_price'] ) ) {
      		$variation_fileds['regular_price']['custom_attributes'] = array( 'required' => 1 );
      	return $variation_fileds;
      add_filter( 'wcfm_product_manage_fields_variations', 'wcfm_restrict_publish_product_variation_pricing', 50, 5 );

      In particular I don’t know what this section is for:
      add_filter( 'wcfm_product_manage_fields_variations', 'wcfm_restrict_publish_product_variation_pricing', 50, 5 );

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      This is how a filter is called. You can read more about this here-
      Argument 1: wcfm_product_manage_fields_variations is the filter name
      Argument 2: ‘wcfm_restrict_publish_product_variation_pricing’ is the callback function
      Argument 3 (Optional): Is the priority of this callback function. Low value of priority ensures early execution. Default value- 10
      Argument 4 (Optional): Number of arguments getting passed to the callback function
      Hope this helps!
      Thank You!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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