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Membership levels that limit number of products can be created

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    Hi, I have installed your membership module, as well as front end management to run alongside Multi Vendor Marketplace module.

    On your marketing page for the Membership module, you have some ‘how to’ videos, one shows setting up a membership level, adding the ‘feature’ set to ‘number of products’ which then shows on the front end.

    I have done this, however, there is no option to actually limit how many products someone can upload even when this membership level is selected….

    I have then seen that you have to use 2 additional paid module to run alongside the membership module just to achieve this one task!

    This is not mentioned in the video anywhere… it simply shows that you can create a membership level, set the feature as ‘100 products’ for example, then allow people to purchase this membership level…

    It just seems a little like you are advertising a feature using the video to get people to use the membership module, then have them pay for 2 additional module just to achieve this simple thing that should be a basic of the membership module in the first place…?

    Please explain if this is not the case and if I am missing something…


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    WCfM Forum


    Thanks for get in touch with us.

    Well, feature option is only for creating Plan table.

    If you want to setup such capability then WCFM Ultimate and WCFM Groups required.
    Hope you have see this video under Membership manager -> Capabilities tab


    Thank You

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