Minimum order value, shipping charge etc

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WC Marketplace Minimum order value, shipping charge etc

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      Hello Team,

      I have an e-commerce store and I am planning to make it multi-vendor. Below are some pre-purchase qustions as I am trying to understand the best way to switch to multi-vendor.

      1. Shipping Charge:
      The minimum order value currently is INR 500 and I charge a shipping fee of INR 50. Once I make my platform multi-vendor and if a customer purchases 5 different items from vendors (Rs. 100 each per vendor/ product) under a single order, how will I manage the shipping cost? For a 500 Rupees order, I can’t charge more than 50 Rupees as shipping. And if I just charge 50 rupees per order, each vendor will be getting only 10 Rupees to cover the shipping. What is the best way to manage this?

      2. Minimum Order value
      Is there a way to set minimum order value er vendor?

      3. Order/Sub-order
      In Dokan, they use a concept of Order/ Suborder. Do you guys use same concept to manage single order consisting of items from different vendors?

      4. 1 Order per Seller
      Can I restrict the user to purchase from 1 vendor per order? If they tries to add item from another vendor, it will ask them to replace the current items in the cart. See the screenshot attached

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      Qualivery srls

      I’m interested to the point 2: is there a way to set a minimum order value per vendor?

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      Hi, I’m also interested in point 2

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