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    • #100004

      Hello, in my dashboard. My appointment icon is missing

      May I know how to solve it? Thanks

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    • #100649
      carmen medina

      Hello! I didn;t have the option of booking or appointment in my dashboard and I download the woocommerce booking. Who can help me with that problem. My business is all about appoinment on demand

    • #108900

      I have the Appointments plugin but Staff and Appointment are not showing up under WCFM manager. Any suggestions?

    • #135269


      I am also having this problem. The ‘Staff’ and ‘Appointment’ menu items seem to be missing on the WCFM dashboard. I have installed Appointments plugin and WCFM.

      How to resolve? Thanks.

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    • #136146
      Justin McErlain

      Hi, Same problem here can we get a solution ?

    • #136475
      Justin McErlain

      Hi, I fixed this by going into capability settings in Admin and turning all related settings on / off again. Also checking the FAQ which gives some indication see below. Hope this helps.

      functionality you have to install the core plugin as.
      For Booking-
      1. WooCommerce Bookings (https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-bookings/) in required.
      If you already have installed WooCommerce Booking but still not visible –

      You are not getting Booking Menu on left Sidebar at WCfM Dashboard?
      Even as Admin login !!
      Can you please make sure one thing –
      Booking plugin folder name should be same as you get it from WooCommerce.com
      As admin I can see it, but as a Vendor I can not see it.
      If as Admin you can see it then Folder name is right.
      Your Vendors don’t have Booking Capability, it’s just the reason.
      Just go to WCfM Capability, it’s under WCfM frontend Settings as Admin login.
      Please be sure “Manage Bookings” is ON and just press Save.
      There is another option under Product Types – Booking, it’s specially for allowing Bookable Product. Keep that also ON.
      You are done, now login as Vendor and check.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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