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      HI guys, is there any documentation on editing the store page? I know some areas can be controlled in the settings, but I want to be able to make bigger changes, ideally by using the theme editor if possible. Any hints or tips on how this can be done?


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      It will be very helpful if you let us know what kind of modification you are looking for? Then We can guide you accordingly.
      Suggestion – You can modify many style using Elementer & WCFM – WCFM Marketplace integrate Elementor(


    • #125432

      HI, I am using flat some theme which has its own UX builder, I don’t want to add Elementor too.

      I don’t like the tabs, I want to insert a different header, move the buttons around, change the layout of the shop ‘cards’ etc. Ideally I would like to integrate UX builder but I don’t think that’s possible, or at lease use their blocks to be able to edit pages.


    • #125466


      Sorry, unfortunately those modification is not possible by using UX-builder.
      We can help you, how to modify those sections using some custom development.
      To modify header sections, tabs you have to override the “wcfmmp-view-store-header.php” and “wcfmmp-view-store-tabs.php” files in your theme folder. From “\wp-content\plugins\wc-multivendor-marketplace\views\store” to “\wp-content\themes\flatsome-child\wcfm\store”

      To modify product blocks, you need to modify WooCommerce product blocks in shop page(The product blocks in vendor’s store page is same as WooCommerce shop page). You need to override content-product.php in your theme folder(yourtheme/woocommerce/content-product.php).


    • #125485

      Thanks for that, and for store listing in the stores/vendors page like the attached, what would I change?

      My images are not showing up.

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    • #125930


      To modify stores block you need to override “wcfmmp-view-store-lists-card.php” file in your theme folder. From “\wp-content\plugins\wc-multivendor-marketplace\views\store-lists” to “\wp-content\themes\flatsome-child\wcfm\store-lists”.


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