Move existing customers from Admin Vendor to other vendors.

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    How can this be accomplished?

    Our Vendors need to be assigned there own customers from the initial registration.
    there are 3 Parts

    1. All products need to be available to all Vendors and customers without having to add products to every Vendor Store. We want all products available to all Vendors and Customers. Not just the Vendor products. This will possible need to be accomplished at the customer level.

    2. We want our new customers to be able to see a list of available store vendors/affiliates and select which vendor/affiliate they chose to be associated with. And when that customer shops any products on our website, the Store Vendor/affiliate they are associated with, receives the commission.

    3. we want our Admins to be able to move existing customers to any Vendor. Like an option for the existing Customer to select a New Vendor.

    Thank You

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    Please contact us here for this tweaks –

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