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Multiple Provider Stores that will pay commissions and others that will not.

Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Feature Request Multiple Provider Stores that will pay commissions and others that will not.

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    Hi, I have a store with multiple suppliers, but there is a store that will pay commission and another will not.

    What I want is that in the configuration of commissions by the administrator you choose which store will pay commissions and which not.

    Store panel – Commissions

    Name Yes / No
    Store 1 yes
    store 2 no
    store 3 no
    store 4 yes

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    … Just use WCFM Groups&Staff and create one group with commission and one group without commission….
    You can decide how the registration process look like so you can move your vendors manually to whichever group you like.

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    It is not necessary to buy WCFM Ultimate and WCFM Groups & Staff to be able to do that. You can simply configure the WCFM MarquetPlace.

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    … OK, it would have been better to write “I solve this with Groups&Staff” …

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    Yes, but remember that each provider can choose whether to pay fixed or per cent commissions, there must be an option where he says not to pay commissions

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    here is the option that I speak to you where the commission configuration appears there should be the option of not paying commissions

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    Hello, one option that I can think of is to put the commissions in the category, so the store chooses if it will pay commissions. with the category.

    Category 1, RD $ 50 fixed from commission to product <to RD $ 1,000

    Category 2, RD $ 100 fixed from commission to product <to RD $ 19,999

    Category 3, 0.005% commission on product> at RD $ 20,000

    While the option I requested here is resolved so much

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    You can set individual store wise commission from Admin Dashboard >> Store Vendors >> [[Particular vendor]] from there go to Commission & Withdrawal tab and override your global commission settings. For more detail read here [search for Vendor Level Commission]

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    in that part of a supplier’s commissions, I don’t see the option to turn off commissions for that provider, that’s just the different way to set up commissions as shown in the image


    if there is no such option I can choose the fixed commission and put 0

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      You got it right, if you don’t want to charge commission from a particular vendor just choose Fixed and set the value to ZERO.

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    for when this update will be ready for the tool to convert the products to affiliate link this directly into the products as amazon does at the top (<head>)

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    by the time this update will be ready

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    sorry the last two message that is posted here does not correspond to this topic

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