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    I use WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, WC Frontend and WC Memberships from You and all looks brilliant!
    In my website there are all types users : customers, vendors, admin etc.
    Customers – can buy a product. They can register account through default registration form of Woocommerce or login through 3d party plugin called miniOrange social login. They are able to connect to my account ( until today I use default Woocommerce My account ) with google + or facebook. I want to change it. How to set up WC Frontend plugin as a priority not the default ugly Woocommerce My account? How to set up settings like that ?

    Summary of my wishes
    1. Customer – can buy a product ; register short with social login and fill the remaining gaps at checkout. Sees WC Frontend dashboard when logged in.
    Customer changed his/her mind and he/she wants to be a vendor.
    2. Vendor – sells a product ; register for vendor in a membership registration page, can choose a plan ; Sees WC Frontend dashboard.

    That is all folks! Thanks for helping!

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    Thanks for get in touch with us and I am sorry for a bit delayed response.

    Look, it’s not possible to replace WC default My Account page with anything.

    If you think it’s not well designed then that can be modified using some better looking CSS.

    In general, premium themes are come with such solution. Which theme you are using in?

    Just an example, check our demo site ( and it’s My Account page is quite well organised.

    It’s build on Flatsome theme.

    Between, your requirement is pretty simple and straight forward. Any system works like this. Do you want help in setting up the things?

    Thank You

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    Well, forget to mention one important thing.

    You are not allowed to use two multi-vendor at a time – WC Vendors, WC Marketplace

    Use only one.

    If you ask me then I will tell you go for WC Marketplace, as it’s totally free and most featured multi-vendor plugin.

    Thank You

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