Need Auto Delivery Boy Assign.

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      kunal Wasekar


      Need Delivery boy Assign Automatically Depending on How many order does have! This will be progressive for e-commerce.

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      WCFM Forum


      Need Delivery boy Assign Automatically Depending on How many order does have!

      – You are right, this will be a very useful feature.

      But is this only depend upon number of orders? Delivery locations are also a valuable parameter here!

      Thank You

    • #71045
      kunal Wasekar

      How to Alert the vendor about the new order and need to assign for that?

    • #71137
      WCFM Forum

      Off course not, vendor will be automatically notified as a new order placed for their products.

      Please check at WCFM Admin Setting -> Notification Manager -> you will see list of notifications a vendor will receive.

      Thank you

    • #114176

      i have wcfm ultimate but there is no option of delivery boy???

    • #114748
      WCFM Forum

      WCFM – Delivery is a separate premium addon –

      These are all separate addons, Ultimate does not include others –

    • #138626

      I’ve delivery company working with me can i make all orders from all vendors automatically assign to the delivery company ?

    • #154368
      mawaheb Mohamed

      I thin this is a great feature that I have been trying to solve for the past few weeks.
      The auto assign driver should be based on number of orders and distance BTW driver and vendor location. A nearest driver with least orders or total delivered orders can be selected.

      I am in the same boat, us as admin handles the delivery and when a vendor receives an order we are planning to pop a window asking the vendor the following:
      1- how long it will take?
      2- what vehicle they require: bicycle, motorbike car or truck and then quantity of the vehicle?
      And based on it the system should search for the nearest and least worked driver to have some sort of equal delivery distribution.

      Hope this helps

Viewing 7 reply threads
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