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New Feature Requests for Wc marketplace

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      Hey! I appreciate you for keepin it free. Had some thoughts to share, it’d be nice if they’re implemented. Atleast in paid versions(Ultimate)
      1. Ajax Search. Traditional searches are no standard now.
      2. Ajax Pages. Eg. In vendor store page when you click on a category from the left sidebar, the entire page loads, instead of that, the products should load with the click itself, without refreshing.
      3. Store id. I don’t know if it’s already there or not. Consider some restaurants, each restaurant has their own menus. instead of showing entire products on the page, it’d be nice to categorize them on the page itself with shortcodes, like [products product_categories='starters' storeid='111'](forgive about the code though, it’s just for an example). i don’t think Creating a template can solve that, because each store has different things to show even in same categories.

      I know a lot of work goes into making such things, i’m indeed glad that most of the plugins are free. But atleast add these in paid versions. Because time is everything when it comes to online shopping. Live search results, instant product page loads etc can make it happen.

      I’m sorry if some of the features are already there, i really don’t know about ’em. Anyhow, thanks in advance

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      WCFM Forum

      We will look into this.

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