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      I’ve been trying to reach your team through premium AND regular support. You have no responded to either. Yet I see your team responding to other submissions which are newer than mine. I have a bug that has not been addressed since 2 months now. Why? Seems like you’re purposefully ignoring it since I’ve never messaged you on both support options and you’re clearly still responding to be even today. I am willing to part ways which sucks because of the time and money I put into this. I will also be leaving a very honest but fair review as it hasn’t been all bad just your support is very poor.

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      Sorry we make you feel that way. I can see you have a support thread unanswered for very long time. Somehow it fall through the cracks.
      We will look into it and provide you a solution within next 24 hours.
      Please be patient a while longer.
      Thank You.

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      Brandon RIvers

      They never do.

    • #130984

      Why do you think ” They never do” ?

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      Brandon RIvers

      Because for a product you have to pay for, it doesn’t seem to be scalable for any theme. There’s no search function that allows you to attach it to the standard WooCommerce search that will simply allow customers to search for stores. There’s nothing that has a simple PHP snippet that allows you to insert store name when you list a product on a page in a third-party scroller (for example wc_get_vendor_store) that you can put in place anywhere to show the store name associated with the product.

      I made a post that someone else seconded a few weeks ago reporting a bug about vendors not being able to create auctions because it doesn’t save the date, etc…


      Weeks go by and they do not update the script to add the most requested features from PAYING CUSTOMERS. And if you ask for something that should be standard, they want you to pay for it.

      Why charge people for a plugin that the buyer will have to finish anyways? I had to write a few scripts myself.

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      Interested to know – was your query answered? I am also getting no response to something which is really urgent and causing a lot of stress.

    • #136467

      Yeah, I’m waiting for support issues as well but no answer for days… But I do see responses on other submissions.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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