Obligation to register as a vendor

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      I would like to obligate any new registration to be a vendor. So I think we have to redirect user, when the click to “register” => “http://atolota.com/vendor-register/”
      Waiting for you help!
      Thank you!

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      To change Register Url in wordpress site, You have to add below code in your theme’s functions.php –

      add_filter( 'register_url', 'my_register_url' );
      function my_register_url( $url ) {
          if( is_admin() ) {
              return $url;
          return "http://atolota.com/vendor-register/";

      Suggestion : Turn-off “registration in My account page” from WooCommerce -> Settings -> Accounts & Privacy (PFA)
      And “Registration” Menu(which linked to http://atolota.com/vendor-register/) in your site Header-menu.


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    • #125574

      Hello Sarmistha, thank you for your answer!
      Still, i have the same issue……
      I added the code to the functions.php theme, (cf attachment 1) but still when I click on “http://atolota.com/my-account/” => “register” i can create a simple account (instead of “become a vendor” directly) (cf:”atolota.com/my-account/” )

      About your suggestion, i tried but if i click on “”http://atolota.com/my-account/” I can only log in….. So i dont undesrtand what is the purpose of your suggestion (when my focus is trying to redirect people on “log in” or “http://atolota.com/vendor-register/”)

      Thank you so much for you time (and patience!!)

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    • #125795

      Hello, I found another solution from your suggestion. I did what you said: “turn off registration in my account page”, but in the page “…./my-account” I put a new element title/image/Link to redirect people directly to “http://atolota.com/vendor-register/” so it works that way!!
      Thank you very much!!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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