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      I can see that I can enable or disable order tracking for vendors
      If enabled then vendor MUST enter tracking info, No option to not add tracking so tracking info has to be added for every order
      Data entry fields in pop up are set to ‘required’!
      But what if an order has no tracking?
      Can you please add -options for vendors to select if tracking for an order is added or not
      At present I have disabled tracking as it causes issues for vendors who do not have tracking for every order
      Maybe in popup could add option ‘No tracking for this order’ and if checked then popup can close and no data has to be entered in the current required fields
      Hope this makes sense
      Or is it that I am missing setting and this option is available but I am not yet familiar enough with WCFM?


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      Well, Shipment tracking number is not essential for an order.

      If an order do not require shipment then “tracking” auto-disabled, e.g. orders for virtual products.

      Thank You

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      Thank you for reply
      But not every physical product has or needs tracking.
      How would a vendor send a physical order but not use the tracking feature?

      All I ask is that field/feature of tracking be made optional for the vendor
      Thank you

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      All I ask is that field/feature of tracking be made optional for the vendor

      – It’s already optional. Vendors are not forced to add tracking for orders.

      If they do not add tracking for any order then nothing will be stopped!
      They will able to withdraw commission for that order as well.

      Thank You

Viewing 3 reply threads
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