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    • #109755

      Hello team,

      I would to offer vendors an option to select individual products from their catalog and have them listed on the ‘featured’ product carousel– placed at the top of the homepage or shop list.

      Currently, all vendors have the ability to do that but I would like to limit this feature by having the vendor purchasing a ‘feature’ upgrade for each chosen product in the products listing page in their dashboard and paying for it/them through the WC shopping cart.

      Does this feature exist and if not when do you expect to add it to WCFM?

      Thank you in advance,

    • #109808

      This would be a great feature if it is possible.

      It is like “buying an ad”.

      There should be a time limit option so we can set how many days the feature image is active for.

    • #110325

      I would also like to know this!

    • #110543

      Maybe we can collect more support for this feature and request the team at WCLovers to make it a higher priority.
      So please let everyone that you know about this feature and ask them to support it by adding their comments here or directly to the team.

    • #110749
      Samiur Rahman

      My vote goes for this post.

    • #111639

      I want this too

    • #115040


    • #115113

      If there is enough interest i will help with funds to produce a plugin if anyone has any ideas of know people who can make this
      happen for us

    • #116227

      It would be a great feature.

    • #125914
      Jessica LeFanu

      Would love this feature! Great idea!

    • #129321

      me too

    • #129636

      I would like this feature. I did ask @admin about 15 months ago for a paid “featured vendor” option which they said they would do soon but still hasn’t been done. Both of these options hold value to a marketplace though

    • #130385

      I’m currently working on this, and also will add a place that people can buy ads location on the main page, It will be done in 10-13 days,
      Still working on it, please note I’m not WClover developer, I’m a customer who bought the plugin.

      Have a good day

    • #138646
      Stephen Ackon

      This is what i have been looking for ever since i bought their plugin

      A vendor of the multi-vendor marketplace can list his/her products before the products of other vendors using the paid listing option. In concise, the store owners can provide their vendors with an opportunity to highlight their products as featured products and increase their product sales.

      Vendors can request to feature their products by paying the amount specified by the store owners. After the approval of the request, the product of the vendor is featured for the time being fixed by the owner.


      Admin can offer paid listing to all the vendors of the eCommerce marketplace.
      Admin can specify the time and amount for listing the products of vendors’ on the top of the shop page.
      Vendors can use the one-click option to request for paid listing.
      Admin can restrict the total number of products that can appear in the feature listing section.

      I would be glad if anyone can help me with a plugin with similar functions or WCFM have to build this

    • #138745

      I need it too)))

    • #140145

      I want this feature too. Vendors being able to pay for their items to be featured and also be able to pay for the banner ads.

Viewing 15 reply threads
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