Payout/withdrawal query/ issue

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      testing the whole product transaction process
      I have WC paypal plugin set up – Site receives funds and is shown in paypal account (= this stage is working and correct)
      Vendor has paypal set as Preferred Payment Method (Settings > payment) and entered a live paypal email address
      In vendors dashboard > Orders – order shows as Fees ‘Requested’

      Admin – Withdrawal requests shows as a payment (Screenshot attached in next reply to reply as private reply)

      But – No funds received in vendors paypal account and still sat at requested in vendors shop dashboard

      Pretty sure it is a settings I have not set correctly but need to check with you first in case it is something else
      I have Settings – Withdrawal settings – Payment set up – PayPal Client ID and PayPal Secret Key – info entered
      Under LIVE APP SETTINGS the follwoing is checked – App feature options – Payouts
      This information was created by following the WCl guide – info copied from the same paypal account as the one that is used for receiving payments so I know that it is the correct details

      All help appreciated

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      May have found the cause of the issue (Posting in case this helps someone else :))
      Paypal – Dashboard – My Account
      (Rest API – Account eligibility)
      Payouts = Sandbox is enabled
      Live = ‘Disabled’

      Hopefully this would explain why payouts are not working on the live site
      I have phoned paypal technical support who have told me that this is a simple process for them to manually enable ‘payouts Live’ for me but could take up to 72 hours and that they will email me to keep me updated.

      I will post back when I receive a response from them

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      WCFM Forum


      Please check at wp-admin -> WooCommerce -> Status -> Logs -> wcfm log -> is any error generated regarding payout?

      I think, your PayPal live account “Payout” service not yet enabled!

      Thank You

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      Thank you for taking the time to reply –
      Yes you are correct, It took me a while to figure this out
      API all set up and sandbox is enabled but live is disabled
      I have same issue with Amazon pay and Paypal payouts
      Leaving here for others in case of same/similar issue
      Live is not enabled as default
      Now awaiting both parties to respond to cases raised, Has been 3 days so far..

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      OK, thanks for the update!

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