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      A few months ago I had discussions with you to find out if there was a possibility for sellers to be able to personalize their own store page. At this stage it was not possible – only the administrator can do it in the backend.

      I come back to you because I have a suggestion on this subject.

      I watched your tutorial on customizing the store page via Elementor Template and Elementor.
      and came up with an idea which could permit to enable this functionality.

      Instead of determining a single “Store sample Template”, maybe it could be possible to predefine and save 2 or 3 sample template and be able to assign them according to the role of the seller.

      In this way we could define a specific structure and design for each level of seller (determinated by their role).

      In my mind it would be a good and probably an easier way to permit that.

      What do you think about this idea?

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