Plugin Roles VS Registered Users

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      Hello WCLOVERS Team.

      I’m using buddypress with your plugin which i really love .. but i have question regarding what if:

      – i have a vendor need to add delivery boy.
      – and this delivery boy already registered in my website as Subscriber.

      the question here is:

      – Can the vendor just add the user which have the Subscriber role to his list as a delivery boy & this delivery boy will use his same password & user name to enter the site.
      – Or the vendor have to create new user name & password to the delivery boy as new user ?!!!

      So, the delivery boy which he already have Subscriber role will have two separated accounts.?!!!

      I hope i can have an answer to this question 🙂

      and really thanks to your efforts…


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      I am interested to know this too.

      Great question!

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      WCFM Forum


      Well, vendors are not allowed to use existing user (whatever role) as “Delivery Person” for them.

      But as Admin you may help vendors in this.

      You may have to do 2 things –

      Change that user role to “Delivery Boy” from wp-admin -> users
      Edit that Delivery Bot from WCFM Admin Dashboard -> Delivery Boys -> Assign Vendor
      Now, that user will able to use same login/password for login but become “Delivery Boy” for a vendor.

      Thank You

Viewing 2 reply threads
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